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Automated Shopping Cart Abandonment Like Never Before

Email marketing has long been the king when it comes to recovering abandoned carts, so much so that when you say or search for "shopping cart abandonment" every result is email. For years, cart abandonment email automation has delivered terrific returns for online retailers, and it continues to be a strong player in the cart recovery game.

There's no doubt that email automation can be an effective tool, but email shopping cart abandonment programs face one major hurdle: they require your site visitor's email address, and that's not an easy thing to obtain.

It's also worth noting that, as time has passed, people have become overwhelmed with promotional email messages. Major webmail services have now started to do their users the favor of recognizing marketing messages as they arrive and moving them out of the inbox's completely, and into the dreaded "promotions" tab.

Cart Abandonment - Promo Tab
The dreaded "promotions" tab in gmail. Where marketing messages go to be forgotten.


Despite major advancements in technology and eCommerce user experience design, the average cart abandonment rate has remained over 70%.

The biggest hurdle is that of the 70+% of abandoned carts, you're likely to have the email addresses of fewer than 20-30% of those potential customers. With some quick math you can imagine the impact on your bottom line.

Ultimately, the challenge marketers face is that carts will continue to be abandoned, email addresses continue to be difficult to acquire, and even when you succeed in acquiring them webmail services will be working against you.


We Go To the Customers, and Start Recovering Carts In Social Feeds

Over 2B active users

Over 700M active users

Over 325M active users

Over 200M active users

We Optimize and Test Ads, for Cart Recovery Success

In The Dark

Ads that display in the feeds of your potential customers, but not on your own feed for your followers to see.

Video Ads

Online shoppers that view video ads are 1.8 X more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

Split Testing

Running variations on ads to optimize performance and deliver maximum ROI.

We're Automating Shopping Cart Abandonment Like Never Before

here are the results we've seen from our previous implementations


more reachable carts


abandoned cart coverage


return on investment


Lighter Traffic

Heavier Traffic

$349/month after setup

$899/month after setup

  • 1000 or fewer visitors per day
  • Over 1000  visitors per day


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