Customer Acquisition

More likes, more conversions, more revenue

Landing Pages

Start increasing your conversions and ROI with an awesome landing page

Landing pages are an essential piece of any online marketing campaign. They can make or break the effectiveness of your PPC, email, or social media efforts. A great landing page tells customers everything they need to know about your product or service within 30 seconds and compels them to buy or sign up.

The design and marketing teams at ParadoxLabs create landing pages that are optimized, responsive, and tested to work across browser and device types. We carefully craft every element of the page, from persuasive, informative content to undeniable calls to action to relevant images or video. All page content is written with SEO in mind and page design is always clean and attractive.


Interstitial popups deliver a boost to email subscriptions, and lead to conversions

In addition to landing pages, modals are another great way to help increase conversions in your eCommerce store. ParadoxLabs creates modals that encourage more customers to take action on your site without interfering with the shopping experience.

Modals can also be applied to your mobile site. We ensure that all modals meet Google’s intrusive interstitial requirements to avoid penalties while still accomplishing your goal.

Social Media Targeting & Retargeting

Detailed social media targeting hits exactly the audience you want

Utilizing our Customer Personas or ones you've already created, we use behavior and demographic data to create audiences and ads that target new and returning customers. Social media ads can be used to acquire new customers, promote products or services, build email marketing lists, or even recruit talented employees. And we do all of that by utilizing:

Target Audience Creation
Well beyond the simple "post boost" you see on your Facebook timeline posts, we will use behavioral and demographic data to identify the perfect audiences for your brand and products. Once identified, we can begin running ads that don't display on your timeline, but are still served on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

Custom & Look-a-like Audiences
If you have a growing database of customers or email subscribers, we can use that customer data to create a custom audience for Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. We can target completely new potential customers by creating a "look-a-like" audience of users who share similar traits with your existing customers, and are likely to be interested in your products.

Location-based Geotargeting
Using the ParadoxLabs Advanced Social Targeting Engine, we can create ad campaigns that run on a set schedule and duration, and in specific locations where your customers congregate, such as a trade show or event.

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