Custom Extensions

Specially made, just for you

Extensions allow a business to add individual elements that are most beneficial for their store and their consumer market. Magento is a highly flexible platform, which means there are a lot of Magento extensions on the market. However, because there are so many ways customize your Magento experience, there may not be an extension already created that does what you need it to do. That’s where we come in.

We begin the process by asking a lot of questions so we can understand exactly what you are looking for. Then we evaluate the extensions currently on the market to see if there are any that would work for you. We’re not going to waste your money by building an extension that already exists.


If we do not find one that meets your needs, we can build you a custom extension. Like the extensions you can purchase in our store, our custom extensions follow Magento best practices and use clean, well-documented code. We are experienced in developing extension for Magento and pride ourselves on maintaining PCI compliance while creating the solutions you want.

Want to learn more about partnering on a custom extension?

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