Backcountry Edge

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Backcountry Edge is an online retailer of outdoor gear for backpackers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Founded in 2004, their e-commerce platform needed a serious overhaul. Paradox Labs understood their challenges and implemented successful solutions.


The real fun began after the April 2015 launch. We have continued working with Backcountry Edge to make sure their investment panned out, and to pursue a process of continuous improvement. Backcountry Edge has seen tremendous returns and growth in several aspects of their business since the replatforming.


increase in conversion rate


jump in revenue


increase in mobile traffic


Backcountry Edge was using a shopping cart platform that had been heavily customized and was showing its age, and had run into a dead end for upgrades. Their only options were to keep pouring time and money into maintaining the outdated system, update the platform and start all over with their customizations, or switch to another platform entirely. They chose to pursue Magento Enterprise to gain the flexibility and power of its more modern platform, while avoiding the upgrade problems that plagued them before. They turned to ParadoxLabs for help, because we understood their goals and how to meet their needs as a business.

“ParadoxLabs has been a great partner to work with. Our Magento replatforming project was somewhat complex with a good bit of customization and backend integration required. They completed our project on budget and in time for our peak season. Most importantly, they took the time to truly understand what we wanted to accomplish, and delivered a solid solution that meets our needs.”

- Tim, Backcountry Edge


To help Backcountry Edge move forward, we built an entirely new Magento Enterprise website, creating a beautiful site with all the great functionality they already had and all the new features they wanted. Great emphasis was placed on enhancing user experience and ease of use.

Under the Hood

  • Monsoon Stone Edge is integrated for order management and fulfillment, including customizations to support tokenized credit card transactions and gift cards.
  • Products are sorted based on a proprietary popularity and value algorithm, in order to promote the products offering the most value to the consumer and to Backcountry Edge.
  • An omnichannel system allows customers to associate orders from any source (phone, Amazon, etc.) to their online customer account, to track shipments, review products, and collect rewards.
  • Custom importers help Backcountry Edge to maintain product catalog and sales efficiently.

The Customer Experience

  • A heavily optimized responsive design gives a coherent brand and user experience across all devices.
  • The shopping experience is vastly improved for touch devices, smartphones, and tablets.
  • A video library organizes Backcountry Edge’s thousands of videos of expert advice and product reviews, with tie-ins to categories, products, and brands, as well as metrics to track what videos users actually watch.
  • A review system rewards customers with store credit for reviewing their purchases, to encourage reviews and brand loyalty.
  • Extensive use of layered navigation, product attribute data, and sale indicators help customers find the right product.
  • Checkout customizations ease the purchase process, and eliminate roadblocks that might make customers second guess their purchase.


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