Take Your Site Back To School, Part 2: Language And Literature

In eCommerce and marketing, creating content is one of the most important ways to bring in new customers and close customers. When it comes to good content, you’ll need good writing. No customer wants to read terrible writing that meanders and never really says anything.

A good writer can make sure your blog entries, social media posts, and whitepapers bring in the best grades and the best qualified customers. However, discovering what makes a good piece of writing can be a huge challenge and, for today’s lesson, we’re going to take a look at what makes a piece of writing good. Let’s jump in.

Good writing answers a question

When it comes to blog post and whitepapers, especially, your readers are coming to your site because you are an authority on a subject and they want to learn. Make sure your content answers the questions your customers have. If you sell custom shoes, content about the different parts of the shoe or how different lacing techniques change how the shoe fits educates your customers.

The reason for this educational style content is all about building trust with your customers and giving them the tools to realize that your product is the right one for them. To go back to the custom shoe analogy, if you produce content about the different parts of the shoe they now have the understanding of what makes a good shoe. Then when you provide them with specifications on how your shoes are made, they have the knowledge and ability to grasp why your shoes are superior to your competitors and they will soon be a customer.

Just trying to sell yourself and be super self-promoting in every post doesn’t work in marketing. Customers do astounding amounts of research before deciding on a product and if you don’t establish a relationship with your readers before offering your products, your readers will likely jump ship and buy from your competitor that answers their questions.

Good writing only focuses on one question at a time

Focus is one of the most important features of good writing. Your content should not wander through seventeen different topics before answering the one question you promised you would answer. Sure, those seventeen topics might be interesting to your reader, but breaking out those topics in to their own content piece will allow you and your reader to explore that topic on a deeper level than if you mention it as part of a larger piece of writing.

For example, if I am writing about how Facebook is the most important social media network for ecommerce businesses today when it comes to sharing cat photos, I don’t need to explain how LinkedIn pages function. The reader didn’t come to that article to learn about LinkedIn. They wanted to learn about Facebook and cat photos. However, if you believe that your readers would want to learn about LinkedIn too, a separate content piece would be a worthwhile venture.

Good writing has backup

Just like in school, if you don’t back up your claims, you’re not making a solid argument. A piece of good writing should have a logical progression and have hard data to back up the claim. If you simply toss out the fact that users associate good website design with credibility of a company, your customers will have trouble believing you because at that point it’s just your opinion. However, when you state specifically that 46% of web users say a website’s design is the number one factor when deciding on the credibility of a company, your customers will believe you because you’re not just pulling ideas out of nowhere and you have a credible authority to back you up.

Good writing will still need editing

This is one of the hardest facts to come to terms with. No one writes the perfect piece on the first try. Good writing will need to be edited, cut to ribbons, glued back together again, and then edited again. A good piece of writing will likely go through several phases of polishing whether we want it to or not. If you’re going to make great content, having someone who can really tear into a piece of writing and constructively guide the writer on how to improve will make the writing all the better for you and your customers.

Class dismissed

Writing is tough and usually it takes a lot of work to make consistently good content. But when you break down the problem of great writing in to reasonable chunks that you can work on, great writing is within your grasp and there’s no limit to the great content you can produce. As always, one of the best ways to improve your writing is to get out there and practice!

Join us next week for part 3 of our back to school blog series. See you then!

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