It’s Time To Go Mobile


With Memorial Day on the horizon signaling the beginning of summer, most people are in the midst of planning a summer getaway following the winter from hell. It is that time of year when things slow down a bit, relaxation becomes more appealing and the smell of barbeque fills the air. And even though everyone is spending time with friends and family, summer is also a great season for shopping. However, no one wants to be indoors on a computer because summer is here and gone in a flash. So what is an ecommerce business to do? Simple, go mobile- your customers expect it. Actually, today’s consumers demand it. No one wants to spend their free time searching on a desktop or even going to a physical store. Consumers want to make their purchases wherever and whenever they want. Think about this:

  • According to Bloomberg, consumers are spending more time on their phones than ever before–at an average of three hours a day.
  • According to Business Insider, consumers are–for the first time–spending nearly as much on mobile orders as they do on desktops.
  • According to Search Engine Watch, mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic- with some companies reporting that 55% of all searches are from mobile devices.

To ensure you don’t get burned this summer here are a few tips to ensure you are mobile ready.

  • Never assume the ecommerce experience you built for a desktop will work the same on your consumers’ phones and tablets.
  • The most important features of your mobile-friendly site or app is an easy to use checkout process. As the number of steps to checkout decreases, the likelihood that a customer will complete their purchase increases.
  • Make the process simple. The less information required, the more likely a purchase will be completed. For example, if customers can bypass entering in credit card, shipping and billing information and simply checkout with a username and password, they’ll be more likely to complete the purchase.
  • Ensure mobile displays are easy to read and have very noticeable “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” buttons.
  • Include all extra charges (shipping, tax, etc.) upfront to ensure the shopper is clicking through to the final step: “Confirm Order.”
  • Provide mobile experiences that do not compromise on key shopping features. Mobile shoppers expect to be able to use the same high- value features as online ecommerce shoppers such as discount codes, shipping offers, return processing and buy-online-pick-up-in-store options.
  • Provide unique mobile-only benefits to drive traffic to your site such as mobile-only price checking, special discounts, and flash sales.
  • A mobile ready website should load quickly because the code is structured in a way that it is compatible with mobile devices.
  • You have a limited amount of time to capture a mobile visitor’s attention because they are on the go. If a visitor is able to easily navigate your pages and the content is written mobile friendly, you increase the chance of converting visitors into customers.
  • Know your unique M-Audience, and treat them uniquely. Mothers, millennials and multinationals are using their smartphones at astounding rates; and moms use them more than the average consumer. Knowing if your products appeal to these audiences is important, because it allows you to design custom shopping experiences or provide special offers that uniquely appeal to your target customers.
  • Leverage the mobile features such as camera, gyroscope, GPS and microphone. Each of these features can help improve user experience when integrated with your mobile app.

If your potential customers find your mobile website easy to navigate, the chances greatly increase that they will back, buy more, and recommend you more.

The mobile trend has taken hold and it shows no signs of slowing down. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide increased value to your customers.

The process of putting up your own mobile-optimized business website, considering the great benefits that go with it may seem complex or too technical; however this is not always the case if you know the right people.  Give us a call today. The rewards of mobile are sitting right in front of you!


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