Social Media Tip: Go Social for Super Bowl

It’s time to go Social for Super Bowl 2019. Take a look at some Social Media Stats from last year’s Super Bowl.

  • Facebook IQ reported that 62 million people worldwide joined the Super Bowl conversation on Facebook to the tune of 270 million interactions, 30,000 more than 2017. Facebook also notes that roughly 90% of Facebook interactions took place on mobile devices.
  • There were 2.1 billion impressions generated on Twitter during the broadcast of the Super Bowl, per Kantar Media. Some 39% of Super Bowl-related tweets were shared by women, down from 42% from 2017.
  • Super Bowl ads were viewed 16% more times on YouTube this year than 2017, revealed YouTube. Viewership of these ads on living room devices (such as Roku, Chromecast, etc.) grew by 52%, with 1 in every 8 Super Bowl ads on YouTube viewed on such a device.

Of course, advertising for the Super Bowl comes at a hefty price, but you can get into the spirit and use social media to your advantage. Below are some suggestions to make your presence during Super Bowl 2019 a huge success.

Super Bowl Comercial On Your Social Media

Create a special Super Bowl commercial to air on your social media accounts. Remember, past Super Bowl commercials have demonstrated, anything goes—just make sure it’s memorable.

Game Day Giveaways

Engage fans by offering a giveaway tied directly to what transpires during the game. For example, restaurants can offer a free appetizer to game-day diners if the winning team scores more than 40 points. A health-and-beauty business can promise a future discount on a particular service if a certain player scores a touchdown.

Super Bowl Promotions and Sales

Offer Super Bowl promotions that are only available on game day. People are already paying attention to all things Super Bowl, so your business can take advantage of that by running sales or giveaways on social media.

Throw a Super Bowl Viewing Party

Although restaurants are great venues for Super Bowl parties, other businesses can also find success by sponsoring events during the game. If you have a TV and comfortable seating, you have a place to watch the Super Bowl. You can add pictures to your social media accounts during the game. You could also go live on social media for opinions from your viewers.

Social Media Contests

Engage customers on social media is to get them participating in Super Bowl-themed contests. For example, a clothing retailer can prompt social media followers to submit pictures of their best Super Bowl outfits and then vote on the favorites. A furniture seller can ask followers to post pictures of their lucky football-watching seats.

Tweet the Big Plays

Use your social media accounts to talk about the Super Bowl and the advertisements during commercial breaks. Ahead of time, plan different ways to tie your business into the highlights, such as big plays, a flashy touchdown dance, or popular commercials.

Pick a Team

Humanize your brand by showing support for one of the teams. This works particularly well if your business is located in an area with a strong fan base for one of the teams. Decorate your business in the team’s colors, and use social media to broadcast who your business is rooting for.


Add game-inspired hashtags when using any of these strategies on social media to increase the visibility of your Super Bowl promotions. Just remember that the term “Super Bowl” is a trademark owned by the NFL and cannot be used in marketing or promotional materials without permission.

What are your plans for the big game? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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