Who We Are

What we're all about

How We Started

When ParadoxLabs first started in 2002, it was little more than the dream of our founder while he worked on it in the basement of his house. He knew that companies needed great websites and that he could create them. From there, he built his company from the ground up. ParadoxLabs has grown into a dynamic eCommerce agency in the heart of Lancaster, PA. We are passionate about eCommerce and strive to provide our clients with superior Magento services.

How We Work

ParadoxLabs is an innovative Magento Business Solution Partner. We work hard every day to help our clients to achieve their goals through expert development, operational efficiencies, and consistent support.

At ParadoxLabs, the most important thing we do is take the time to get to know your business. We ask a lot of questions up front because we want to understand where you are now, where you want to be, and how we can help you get there. If we are not the best choice for your project, we’ll let you know. If you need a service we don’t offer, we’ll give you a recommendation. If we are the best choice for you, we’ll work by your side every day until everything is exactly the way you want it.


ParadoxLabs is committed to giving back to our community and to those who have made brave sacrifices for our country.

Wild Bill Memorial Fund
William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, a true American war hero from Philadelphia, fought in the Army during World War II. His courageous actions helped to save the lives of others and were later immortalized in the HBO series Band of Brothers.

3rd SPG Veterans Foundation
This foundation serves veterans of the 3rd SPG at Clark Air Base by offering assistance to airmen and maintaining two cemeteries for veterans and K-9 military service dogs.

ParadoxLabs launched the newly redesigned 3rd SPG Veterans Foundation website (3rd SPG Veterans Foundation Website) in May 2017, which offers quick and easy access to essential information and features that offer a more comprehensive understanding of the Foundation’s goals. The website has a clean design, improved functionality, and enhanced rich content that is inviting to visitors and presents a more professional feel.

Our Core Values


The tech world is always changing – that’s why we work every day to stay ahead of the curve. We love creating dynamic user experiences, custom solutions, and industry-revolutionizing extensions. With our cutting-edge knowledge and expertise, your site will always be ready for what’s next.


We don’t like villains; our goal is to be the eCommerce good guys. If we can’t help you meet your goals, we’ll tell you. If a technology or programming solution isn’t the right tool for the job, we’re not going to sell you into it. You’ll know exactly what’s going on, good and bad.


This isn’t a superhero-sidekick type of relationship we’re going for here. We’re looking to become a dynamic duo with your agency. When we work together, we can both grow and make great experiences for your customers. You have the dream and the drive, we have the experience and solutions.


Commitment is a two-way street. We love what we do and take on clients who share our drive to succeed. At ParadoxLabs, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our clients and make their sites even better. We’re as committed to your success as you are.

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